Our Story

In 1989, Pitts Engine & Transmission bought a five thousand square foot warehouse, east of Coffeyville. With customers all around the United States, the strategy for the move to southeast Kansas from Florida was simple; improve pricing to our customers by reducing freight costs on Funk pump drives, planetaries and transmissions. In 1995, the operation was renamed and Darwin Industries was born. The purpose of the rebranding was to focus on the distribution of Funk products to equipment manufacturers. Having a warehouse across the street from the manufacturer has allowed Darwin Industries to do just that.

Whether you’re developing a new application or servicing equipment in the field, Darwin’s team of experts is ready to help. With well over a hundred years of product experience, you can rest assured that we will identify the appropriate solution for you, guaranteed. Our standard warranty is 24 months or 4,000 hours and OEM pricing is available to manufacturers.

As a distributor/dealer for both Durst and Funk products, we are able to supply the highest quality components and assembled products. Our move to the midwest those many years ago has paid dividends by not only allowing us to improve relations with our vendors but also building personal relationships with the individuals.