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This content was written for Darwin Industries.

Are your machines constantly failing and you can find out what it is? Are you having a hard time finding replacement parts to your machine for Durst Pump Drives? If you answered yes for any of these questions then you need to check out. All of our products are guaranteed warranty for up to two years or four thousand hours. We can be that game changer for your business. You need to give us a call at 1-888-609-8171.

Durst Pump Drives has the best customer service within the industry. We will go to great measures and lengths to make sure you are satisfied with all of our deliveries. Everything that we do we do it time sensitive and efficient to save you money. Our greatest success is due to our customer service because we keep the customer’s goals and operations in mind. We know your projects are very important and do so is vital to operations and we want to be a part of that we want to provide the ease that you need to get every project done timely and efficiently.

We offer many products that range from hydraulic pump drives to powershift transmissions. Our pump drives are specifically designed and can be shipped to meet your all application needs. If your application needs is tailored to agricultural, offshore oil, or railway maintenance we are right up your alley. We even offer pump drives for electric motor systems, whatever you need me to be our products will be tailored to you. We are experts in our product knowledge and we were hoping you receive the best solution for your problems. Just like you time is very precious and every cent counts so we as a distributing company will contradict the best customer service and provide a great experience for all of your goals.

We have over a hundred years of product experience, and matured as a company that can identify the right solution for you. Pitts Engine & Transformation started out with a five thousand square foot warehouse and had a passion for reducing customers free calls on drives, transmissions, and planetaries. In 1995, Pitts Engine & Transmission’s name changed into Darwin Industries; rebranding the company was to primarily focus on distributing our products to equipment manufacturers. Was such a rich history this company has drawn for 10 decades.

Are you still trying to decide if industries is for you? This company is very specific and passionate about meeting your needs down to every last detail. We pride in customer service and continue to thrive because it is a core value. Our products are fully backed with a warranty and our technicians are trained not only to repair but to evaluate the causes of failure for your equipment. Get a quote from us today and let us help you from start to finish for every project. Let’s do this together. This is the right move, give so give us a call today at 1-888-609-8171.

Durst Pump Drives | Distributor for You

This content was written for Darwin Industries.

Do you constantly have problems with your machines? Have you been running into dead ends for replacement parts for your Durst Pump Drives? well today that can change. Well help you stop running into dead ends for replacement parts. Talk to us today and let us help you. We’ll make sure you have all the parts you need for your operations on time. We all know that time is money and we want to make you save money for its operation that you do. All in a days work Darwin Industries will go out of his way to meet all of you needs every single time you have aboard Reach out to us this very second at 888-609-8171.

Durst Pump Drives thrives on customer service. For 100 years we have been helping companies by distributing to them all the parts they need their operations. We provide the best customer service you ever thought of. All our deliveries are fast, time efficient, and time sensitive. We would take your business to the next level but you would need to get a hold of us. we care about our customers and the parts that we we want to help you. Let us make that happen. Customer service is core and we want to take everything that you want and make it a masterpiece.

For years in this industry and has grown and can find the right solution for you. We started out in a 5000 square foot warehouse and have taken it to the next level all over the United States. clients is very extensive and beats customer relief happy. This company primarily focuses on distributing the products we offer and should some manufacturers.

Are you sure you want to offer? If you take a look at website we will make sure everything is in direct so pleased to see what we offer. We finished the job faster than our competition. We have the best warrantees in the industry. we offer failure analysis and repair and also custom design and manufacturing; no matter what the need is we want to help you. Our products has lasted over years and we would love to show you can earn your business. Our team of technicians are trained to repair and evaluate machines.

Are you still thinking? Are you still on the first? Change that attitude today and reach out today we want to make sure we earn your business and be a part of what you do with. We care for our customers. We will offer the highest quality product that you have ever seen. This is something that you should do and is the right move for you and your company. Help us to help you. We can take your company to the next level. I’m sure you know how we treat you a customer. We can help you. Today things can change. Give us a call today and let us know what we can do for you 888-609-8171.